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Marisol Moreno

NDS Class of: 2010
High School: Divine Savior Holy Angels
College: The University of St. Thomas Class of 2018

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This quote by Nelson Mandela is a favorite by graduate Marisol Moreno and once you meet her it is clear why. As a first generation student, the only one in her family to attend college, a female and a Latina Mari embodies empowerment and truth of self. Mari is following her passion and studying Psychology much to her family’s dismay. “For years, my family strongly encouraged me to go into the business field. However, I knew in my heart that money would not give me much satisfaction in my career. I want to help people–especially the Latino community.” Her passion to be true to herself speaks volumes and is rooted back to her time at NDS; where she realized her responsibility to prove those who continuously tried to block her path that they were wrong and she is successful. Although there were moments when she faced her self-confidence wavering she was able to overcome her weak moments due to the positive mindset that NDS gave her. To Mari, Notre Dame is not just a school but a support system. One that has given her role models and that has “kindled a fire of aspirations”. Having had an incredible amount of support throughout middle school, high school and then finally college, she feels indebted to help the community that so generously gave to her. Although fears and challenges have been ever present, the strong foundation that NDS gave her has given her the confidence to choose a career where she will be successful and fulfilled. “My years at Notre Dame showed me I have the ability to empower others. Support goes a long way, and the more you give it, the more it spreads–like a domino effect”.