Primary School: 414-431-7950 | Girls Middle School: 414-671-3000 | Boys Middle School: 414-200-9881

Martha Lezama-Ruiz

NDS Class of: 2010
High School: St. Thomas More
College: UW-Milwaukee
Family Origin: Salvatierra, Guanajuato, Mexico

“Do things because you genuinely want to, not because others expect it of you.” This statement is one that NDSM graduate Martha Lezama-Ruiz lives by everyday. Martha is a first generation student that exemplifies hard work and perseverance. She has overcome negative experiences to prove her potential and continuously pushes to be her best self possible. While at NDSM, Martha exemplified responsibility and still strives to be a positive role model to the community by giving back, maintaining excellent grades, and working part time. During her time at NDSM, she discovered her talents for the STEM field and is breaking down the barriers she faces by being a female Latina in that field. “It took me a long time to figure out myself and what I have to do to be happy. I also had to learn the very hard way not to do things only to please others or because they are expected of you but you should do what makes you happy as long as it you don’t step on others in order to reach happiness.”